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Best marketing SEO is the most famous website and is equally admirable among national and international clients. We don’t only claim about our world wide fame but can also prove it. Below, we are going to mention the unedited testimonials from our clients, which will show the customers’ likeness about best marketing SEO.

Before placing them, we would like to thanks our clients to admire and appreciate our SEO online service.

Bowen B.d., California

"Because our site wasn't anywhere in the Google results, not even in the first 1000, we were clearly a local web design company and didn’t get much traffic even locally. So we took help from best marketing SEO. Now, we are ranking in top ten Google searches for several of our keywords. We have no problem to admit that it has been attributed 100% to the work of best marketing SEO. Thanks a lot”

Alexander, Texas

"I have had best marketing SEO monitoring and enhancing my website for several weeks now. Every month, they send me a detailed report, showing the latest ranking and reputation of my website. Every month, I get information about the higher rankings for my site! I have also experienced more website’s orders by dint of strategies of best Marketing SEO."

Herman, Missouri

"Best marketing SEO is a turn-key solution of all SEO difficulties. When I asked them for their online SEO services, they sat down with me and asked what I wanted regarding my website promotions. Afterwards, they did accordingly to fulfill my requirements. They started sending me reports monthly to show the ranking and status of my website, which was quite helpful for me. Now, I have the top position which I really need."

Franklin, New Mexico

"My old SEO Company was not producing the results, which I wanted. So, I decided to get a new SEO company which is effective and reliable. Luckily, I got Best Marketing SEO Company and found them most reliable and effective in their online SEO services and marketing campaigns. Their prices are also affordable for the people having small business like me.”

Guy Bradley, Connecticut

"After just one month of using the services of best marketing SEO, we see marked difference in visitors. We started from 10 to 20 unique visitors per day and now get up to 300 unique visitors per day, which is just because of best services of you. Keep it up!”


SEO Videos

SEO videos are another beneficial tactic to which SEO experts are well-aware. Getting top ranking without SEO videos is looking impossible now a day. Today, Google’s search and indexing algorithms has blended search results, which displays web, videos, and images together in same search term.

Recently, Google is quite enthusiastic about the SEO videos and increases the competition. All online SEO services which are up to date give importance to the videos and enable their sites with video assets. In fact, Forrester Research found that videos are 53 times more useful for organic first-page ranking.

You have been often come across with the results of Google when you have found resulted videos in the form of thumbnails at the top results. So, videos worth a lot in SEO…

The 2 most important methods to index your website in search engine with SEO videos include;

1. Upload Your Website Video on Youtube.

This is the easiest method to get advantage from videos. Youtube gives 100% certainty regarding indexing of your website. Although, this indexing does not give guarantee for topmost position but ensures that Google knows the existence of your website.

A single drawback in case of Youtube videos is that, no click on those videos will lead the visitor to the website and hence no back traffic can come there. But it will be beneficial for you, if you are working on brand marketing.

2. SEO Videos

SEO videos are unique method to get top rankings in major search engines easily and effectively. For online SEO services, these are tremendously helpful as they are unique option for SEO. The benefits which we find with SEO Videos include;

  • Google will find your video content
  • Google will surely index your video title
  • Google will finally display your video with related search terms

SEO Videos: The New Ranking Factor in SEO

Essentials of SEO videos:

Video Content

Google is not highly restricted for what it called as video. Along with actual video footage; screen captures, slide shows, animated PowerPoint slides, and other forms are also considered as video in terms of Google. Moreover, Google will not actually going inside the video to find out what it is. It only relies on title tags of video to get idea about it.

SEO Videos Need Submission

In fact, Google is not efficient to read flash and hence doesn’t do automatic crawling of videos as in case of traditional web pages. For this you have to put or index your videos in it. After indexing, these will appear in the Google blend research. You should use the video site map for submitting videos. This SEO video sitemap is almost similar to the XML sitemap which only contains the information about the videos by using Google webmaster tool.

Another point which should be mentioned is that, you must have a robots.txt file about all video pages, so the Google can easily verify the location of the Web.

Use Title and Title Tags in SEO videos

As mentioned earlier that Google doesn’t read the content inside the video, instead it only gets idea about the topic of video by title and tile tags. It will show in the video searches only those pages whose titles match with search terms.

Use long tail Video SEO titles

Like traditional SEO, SEO videos also need the long tail titles which are more specific and targeted for search terms. A video titled “SEO” is not good to produce a first-page ranking; while a video has title “marketing SEO strategies” will surely score well in Google’s algorithm. Another point which will be helpful is that since Google can’t determine the actual content, hence you can submit the same video with different title tags.

Size and Age of the Video Doesn’t Matter

As you know that in traditional SEO, Google consider many things like age of website, number of pages and number of links etc. but in SEO videos, none of these matters. It proves that you can get a good position with even new and small sites. Publishers who are small or new can get advantage from the Video SEO opportunities.

As a matter of fact, Google revises its algorithm repeatedly and hence it will be hopefully revised and will get more sophistication about videos in coming years. So, we are hopeful in this regard.

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